Company Success Stories

Company Success Stories

Progressively we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted GPS based vehicle Monitoring and Analysis Services providers among our esteemed partners and well satisfied customers. As of now, we have 3000+ vehicles to our credit with a quarterly growth of 50%. Our gigantic network reflects our success story.

In the year 2007 ISEARCH began testing telematics solutions on 500 Sand transportation trucks throughout Dakshina Kannada region. In the year 2008 ISEARCH was successful and was the first telematics service providers for sand transportation trucks and also other logistics vehicles in Dakshina Kannada. In the year 2009 ISEARCH proposed an idea to the Mines & Geology Department of linking Mineral dispatch permit through GPS to stop illegal sand mining activities in the district. Later the idea got implemented in many other districts also. In the year 2010 expanded our business of location Intelligence (GPS/GIS), wireless (GPRS) and internet. Offered business solutions in the areas of cold chain, logistics management, taxi operation management and fleet maintenance.

In the year from 2010 to 2012 department of Mines & Geology selected ISEARCH as the Service providers of SMART System. In the year 2012 ISEARCH was awarded tender from Public Works Department, Shimoga to provide GPS & MDP for Sand transportation vehicles at Shimoga for around 3000+ vehicles. In addition to this we worked for Shimoga Municipal Corporation for fleet maintenance and fleet monitoring of waste management vehicles. In the year 2013 looking into 2 Successful projects of Dakshina Kannada and Shimoga region we were once again appointed to Supply GPS & Monitor 2500+ vehicles through SMART System at Udupi region from the department of Mines & Geology and Public Works Department. In the year 2014 -2016 ISEARCH was also selected at Kodagu region to provide Service through SMART System. All together we provided services for around 6500+ vehicles in these years to stop illegal Sand mining activities and supported the department by generating tracking Reports and sending Alert messages from our tracking platform.

One of Our Successful Project is Sand Ecosystem Solution – SMART

I-Search implemented the SMART (Sand Mining Administration Regulation Transport) System first in Mangalore and then all over Karnataka which addresses issues like bringing transparency in issuing Mineral dispatch permit (MDP), ensuring visibility in monitoring the movement of sand transportation vehicles among others. In this Project we offer a user friendly software platform to manage fleets. The User experience is customizing to suit the clients requirements. The Complete GPS data is stored online for historical analysis of vehicles route, for optimizing the output.

We always delivered our services with following specialized features:
  • World class solutions, implemented by very experienced team in Location technology space.
  • Tracking devices sourced from reputed manufacturers, both vehicles mounted and mobile units.
  • Best in class GPS location technology.
  • Cost effective products developed as per the needs of individual clients at emerging markets.
  • Strong backend as per world-class standards with strong integration with network operators for large scale deployments.
  • Best In class GIS maps and data, to support reverse lookup for location for text reports.
  • Best in class GIS engine to customize own locations, mark waypoints, create zones Unmatched GIS application support for delivering best in class location related outputs to customers.
  • High end and highly configurable reporting engine to customize reports and alerts.
  • Hierarchy wise reporting and facility to send critical alerts role wise to people in organization either by mail or SMS.
  • Integratable solution, with Open API’s to integrate with other systems like Supply chain solution and ERP systems.
  • Strong local support team to customize software /hardware to provide maximum utility to the customer.

Second Successful Project is Inside Automotive Digital Signage

This Project emphasizes on “Tourist friendly Auto Rickshaw” installing LCD Android Tabs in Autos where tourists can be able to enjoy their short journey with good entertainment while getting valuable information about City.

We always delivered our services with following specialized features:
  • Advertisement campaign player
  • Campaigns based on GPS position
  • Scheduled campaigning
  • Fine-grained Remote Access Control
  • Dynamic content management
  • Screen division
  • Proof-of-Playback Reports
  • Emergency messaging
  • Travelling guides along with GPS info
  • Real-time monitoring

Third Successful Project is Bus Branding

Mangalore KSRTC Volvo Bus branding is one of the most impactful forms of advertising with huge exclusive Ad spaces to grab customers' instant attention. Mangalore-KSRTC-Volvo Bus travel hundreds of miles daily featuring your brand message throughout their routes to the varied community and audience set providing you with the opportunity to grab viewers' top of mind space. Advertisements are displayed for a minimum of three month and can remain up for an indefinite amount of time. Mangalore-KSRTC-Volvo Bus ads are simply unavoidable, and this is a high-impact medium that has repeatedly delivered results. We have awarded Tender from KSRTC Mangalore for next 3 years .